About Indian astrology

Indian astrology is a stream of astrology that is based on early Indian science. Indian astrology is the study of movement of planetary and their position in the combination of other components of universe that works over the fundamental of 27 constellations that include 9 planets, 12 zodiac sign and 12 houses. Every house and zodiac sign connotes different aspect of human life and offer many solutions to solve people’s life and guide people towards reduction of problems of life.

Whenever a problem is occurring and solution is searched by astrology then astrologer wisely see the chart and analyze the position of stars and planets. Depiction and numerical representation of planets is chart horoscope chart. The position of planets depicts the human nature and behavior for rest of the life.

Indian astrology is vast and a lot of secrets about astrology are included in the vastness of this country. India is an immense country and its immensity is un-measurable by any quantitative and qualitative measurement. Some secrets are valuable, some have forgotten or some are still downright mysterious. The revelation of astrology facts is hard penance of sages and hermit of India that are preachers and holder of Indian knowledge.

We can say Indian astrology as a jyotish vidya that is ancient knowledge of India. In Indian scriptures and mythologies Indian astrology has legendary importance.


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