Five Important tips for rectifying your birth chart


The horoscopy astrology and exact birth time in order to work properly both are the part of types of astrology, according to astrology an astrologer practice deeply of astrological science. Now it become possible to do some interesting things with your date of birth in astrology, even you don’t have your birth time information then can also get those interesting things. But in most of periods it is very necessary to have an approximate birth time before understand a birth chart.

In the absence of birth time, sometimes astrologers try to assume the time of birth that person by studying events of the person’s life and attempt to match their chronology with one of the birth charts for particularly that day. This process of the birth time basis on known events in a homo’s life is called as rectification.

Here we are telling you five tips to rectify your birth chart:

1)  Make in use of whole Sign Houses.

First of all to rectify a birth chart you should use whole sign houses, yet these are generally more accurate but in the rectification process these are particularly useful. It’s just like if someone has cancer sign with the whole sign houses, you comes to know that they have 10th position as Aries.

2)  Pay attention on Benefic and Malefic Planets and Planetary sect.

After accomplishing first process you need to have awareness about concept of benefic and malefic planets and planetary sect as well.

3)  Comparing the ruler of the Ascendant in the different “Houses”.

House placement according to the ruler of the ascendant generally allocated one of the major areas of life that is directed towards a particular subject or person.

4) Study with reference to Recent Outer Planets.

Another good advice to rectifying a birth chart is like Saturn enters into Libra, and according to study recent outer planets transfer through the houses and generally those are Saturn and Jupiter.

5) Final Advice

You should never take rectification of birth charts too seriously .It’s exploratory, it’s doesn’t matter how good it is and how persuasive the evidence appears and the one most of advices to never to fob off a rectified chart as a verified time of birth.

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