It is believed that these 4 auspicious tasks give you success in all tasks


From ancient times some traditions or cultures are ongoing that gives us grace of all deities with happiness and prosperity. Among these traditions here we are telling you 5 auspicious tasks that should do everyone before leaving the home. It is believed that if you do these five tasks then you will get success in your throughout day task and there are chances that you will get success in money related tasks.

It is pristine saying that if starting of day is good then whole day everything will be good.

Everyday leaves the home after eating curd

For any auspicious task when you are going outside of the home then first eat curd. This tradition is ongoing from many years. Curd is known very pure. With purity and taste of it your mind becomes joyful. That is why curd has special place in pujan ingredients.

Darshan of god situated in home

Every day we should darshan of all deities that are situated in our home. Before leaving the home we should prayer for success in front of them. With the grace of deities without any doubt your day becomes happiest and the day of a person bode well. Grace of god remains on you and inauspicious time stay away.

Intake leaf of basil

Leaf of basil is known very effective and it is known a medical plant also. Because of it you will be safe from many diseases and can get virtues that occur from basil.

First put right feet when leaving the home

Before starting any task that work is done with right hand and feet then more chances to get success. According to scriptures if task are done with right hand then there are more chances to get virtue of akshya.

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