Kundali matching; a path towards happiness

Success of marriage depends on the stars and other planetarium and heavenly bodies.  Kundali matching is one of the great ways to deduce the likes and dislikes of their partners.  If you are in love with someone that is such a beautiful thing but when there is sudden surge in a relationship comes then that condition make you run towards kundali matching. Different surge are like divorce, exploitation and so on that can break any relation.

Notion of kundali matching in Indian custom

In Indian customs kundali matching is foremost thing for every family. It considered as a great aspect in the arrange marriage. According to Indian rituals couples, before tied the knot, kundali matching is on priority. In the earlier time it was considered that there were less surge and fatalities in a relationship. Before tied a knot in a relationship rashi and nakshtra is matched to check the compatibility with the partner.  if your all virtues are matched with your spouse then it is a god gift for you because that matched qualities play a vital role in a successful relationship. These matching qualities describe that how much you both are compatible to each other and would be happy.

Basically kundali matching is done to match the qualities of two people and in count these qualities are 36. To live a happy and successful married life it is required that there should be match of minimum 18 qualities. If there are less than 18 matched qualities then it is considered that married life would be healed with stress and fatal. If you are going to marry then before consent of a astrologer to check the compatibility is a wise decision.

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