Lucky Bamboo Plants For Prosperity In Vastu

Plants play a very important role on planet. It is very essential in every ways for every creature it can be a human being or can be any kind of animal. A plant gives us oxygen as well as greenery gives very relax to our eyes. Trees bless us with all possible related power for our peaceful life. Plants reduce all the negative energy from home. There are various kinds of plants for home but according to Astrology or Vastu Shastra or feng shui Bamboo Is one of the very finest indoor plant for home.

According to feng shui Lucky Bamboo Plant is the plant which brings good luck and prosperity in house or wherever it is too be grown. It is very easy to maintain it does not need sunlight or any kind of fertile etc. It just desires fresh water once a week and it can survive for years or years. As a result the maintenance cost of this plant is zero. Lucky Bamboo is considered very auspicious for a place where money is kept it increases the wealth growing the lucky bamboo plant not only attracts good fortune but also restores the flow of chi at the place where energy flow has been limited.

The lucky bamboo is very important because it is a combination of all the five elements of Feng Shui which are as follows:

1. Water: This is always needed to grow for bamboo.

2. Earth: rocks the plants grow in

3. Wood: bamboo itself

4. Fire: red ribbon which tied around bamboo

5. Metal: glass or bottle which is made of metal

Other thing is bamboo that whenever you purchase bamboo plant the stalk is very important thing to keep in mind, because different number of stalk is uses for different purpose.

  • 2 For loved couple and it’s a sign of made forever.
  • 3 Is for happiness, long life and wealth.
  • 4 Stalk is not conceded as good sign in Chinese traditional so never gift or place 4 bamboo stalks.
  • 5 For emotional, spontaneous, psychological, substantial, religious.
  • 6 For attract wealth and prosperity.
  • 7 Stalks is for good health.
  • 8 Stalk is for improving fertility.
  • 9 Is symbol of good luck in feng shui .
  • 21 Bamboo stalk is sign of prosperity, luck, wealth, peace, goodness one mean 21 is very luck for bamboo plant.

You can use lucky bamboo to get happiness in your house. Use the right number of stalks .Never place plants in a bedroom even if it’s a lucky bamboo One of the best locations to place a lucky bamboo plant is in the east or south sector of your home or at your work place.

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