Planetary Combinations that Cause Delay in Marriage

Marriage is a very important part of life One of the most common problem which faced by the peoples in marriage is not being able to find the right match and this thing brings the delay in marriage. And the matching is based upon the planetary position. And according to Indian astrology horoscope matching is a very important factor without matching of horoscope no marriage will get approve by the Indian families. A bit of mistake of horoscope matching can bring out lots of problems after marriage like child birth problem, husband-wife relationship problem, divorce problem etc.

There is some planetary condition are given below which is responsible for the delay in marriage

  1. If Venus and Jupiter is a weak in horoscope
  2. Some of malefic planets combined with Saturn(like rahu, ketu and mars) in 7th house
  3. When Saturn and mars have combine influence on the seventh house
  4. When 7th house is occupies by any another planet
  5. Infested  Venus in Navmasha chart
  6. When 7th house and 7th lord is effected by some malefic planets
  7. Infested Venus to Darakarak or Darakarak Navmasha
  8. position of Jaimini Gyatikaraka in the seventh house
  9. moon, sun and 5th lord are in conjunction with or phase by Saturn

These are the some kind of planetary combination aspect which is responsible for the delay in marriage. Who are facing the marriage delay problem should at least once consult with the astrologer and if there is any kind of problem then should consult for the remedy also.

Indian astrology has the solution of each problem. And delay in marriage problem is also having the remedy in Indian astrology; astrologer gives remedy according to the malefic aspects according to girl’s and boy’s horoscope.



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